Daughter Of Bells

A beautiful journey through a mysterious landscape of music and magic.


In a hauntingly beautiful world where music is both magic and life, Daughter of Bells explores our differences — and similarities — and shows the power that a multitude of voices and cultures can wield when they are brought together in harmony.

A Fabled City

Daughter of Bells is a captivating adventure that pits 10-year-old Brio against an ancient evil that threatens to destroy her fabled city of music, Cadenza. In a quest to restore life and harmony to her home, Brio encounters a diverse cast of characters and cultures across a wondrous landscape of music and magic. But as she delves deeper into the legends and mysteries that surround her avowed enemies, she unexpectedly finds herself understanding their plight. And when fear gives over to compassion, Brio and her new friends realize that while music’s magic can be used to destroy, its true power lies in its ability to unite.

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