Shadowrail Circus

Welcome to the greatest show on earth… and beyond!


Set in the same universe as Weirdwood Manor, Shadowrail Circus is a wildly colourful story of one girl’s quest to find a place to belong — even if that place is a circus-train full of ghosts, mythical creatures, and strange magic-making performers!

Cosmic Tracklands

Step right up and into the weird and wonderful world of the Shadowrail Circus where your ticket to ride takes you on a wild adventure across the cosmic Tracklands and through the mystifyingly magical world of the Fae! Join the young human, Lettie Maurelle, as she slowly (and awkwardly) finds her place amongst the mythical beasts, surly spirits, and bizarre magic-wielding performers who call Shadowrail home! Be amazed as this fragile, frightened girl finds the truth of her future, buried deep within her past. Stand in awe as she and her new circus family, embrace that truth and change the world forever!

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