Weirdwood Manor

The line between reality and imagination is sometimes blurred...

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Three children with peculiar gifts are thrust into the enchanting — yet dangerous — world of magic. Here, they must learn to control their newfound abilities, while navigating the dark mysteries of Weirdwood Manor and its eccentric master.

About Weirdwood Manor

The world of Weirdwood is an expansive, magic-filled story universe full of epic adventures, bizarre characters, dangerous creatures, and thrilling mysteries! Already a #1 bestselling story App, stories from the Weirdwood universe are now being rolled out in an upcoming animated TV series, book series, and an all-new interactive novel series!

All three series take place in and around the incredible Weirdwood Manor, a mysterious place that sits somewhere between the Real (our world), and the Fae (the land of creativity, imagination, and magic). In this world, real magic can be harnessed through acts of imagination and creativity, and things once thought to only exist in the minds of people, actually come to life in the land of the Fae!

The App and TV series follow three talented children who are thrust into this incredible world full of bizarre creatures, impossible architecture, and magic beyond imagining! Under the tutelage of the eccentric master of the manor, Arthur Weirdwood, the children soon find that their own creative abilities can shape and control the magics around them! But as friendships are forged and powers grow, the children discover a dark and deadly form of magic hidden deep within the Manor — a magic that threatens to plunge the realms of the Real and the Fae into chaos!

Caught between multiple warring factions and unsure who to trust, the three children use their newfound abilities to keep each other safe and to join the fight against the tide of darkness that threatens the world!

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