A few months ago, our first novel based in the Weirdwood universe was released. The process was a couple years in the making, but after seeing the books on shelves in stores, it was definitely worth the wait!

We partnered with Newbery Honor-winning author, Christian McKay Heidicker, to explore how to bring Weirdwood to life as a middle-grade book series. We wanted to make something that existing Weirdwood fans would love but also allow Christian’s imagination the freedom to go wild.

In the end, we decided to explore the origin story of Arthur Weirdwood. Who was he as a boy? Where did he come from? How did he become such famous author and inventor?

A lot of care went into this first book, and we were so thrilled with how well Christian captured what Weirdwood is about (the power of creativity and imagination) while also creating something very unique and new. And we weren’t the only ones…

How surprised were we to find out that Thieves of Weirdwood was going to be featured in the New York Times?! Well… very! 🙂 Bruce Handy from the NYT wrote such a wonderful review of this book that we spent so long crafting. His words mean a lot and validate that we’ve created something special. We hope that you all have a chance to pick it up at a store or library near you!

Read the full New York Times review here.